Working in Chile: Exceptional experience.

The coast of South America offers a number of opportunities to work. Chile is just one example. Chile is often described as a ribbon that extends down the coast. This is the reason why it has a varied climate. The world’s driest desert lies within it’s borders! That however should did not dissuade me from attempting to find a job there. The other spectrum of Chile’s climate (the Mediterranean climate) caught my attention.

So how did I come to the conclusion that I wanted to shift there? It started a few years ago. My friends and I decided to take a vacation. We’ve chosen Chile, as it allowed Mexicans a 90 day stay in the country without a visa. That way we had so much less paperwork to do. It was easierĀ and cheaper.

As it can be expected, our holiday was a smashing success. The language spoken by the natives is Spanish. That made it easy to communicate and the place was laid back and fun. And additional bonus was that almost every part of Chile was beside the sea! I can guarantee that it’s probably one of the most beautiful places that you have ever seen.


Enjoying a place and deciding to shift however are two different parts of the equation. I had just got a job back then. I was happy. So once I got back from the holiday, I slid back into my daily routine. As time passed, however my job began to seem more and more monotonous. I started getting bored and I wanted a change. That’s when I stumbled across an advertisement in the paper. Chile needed people who could teach English. It was perfect for me. After all I was fluent in both Spanish and English.

I applied for the job and I got in. I’ve even passed on the information to some of my friends. A few of them applied too! With that out of the way, I started digging into the requirements for a work visa. It turned out that Chile had a pretty simple procedure. It had clear cut rules that anyone could follow. It took me a little over a month to put my documents together. I did not even hire a company to help me!

With everything in place, it was soon the time to bid a goodbye to all that was known. I took my first few steps in to the unknown hesitantly. Time however taught me all that I needed. I made friends and I learnt the neighborhood. I spent my days teaching children how to speak English. The kids were fast learners! I had a great place to live in and the sea was just a drive away. I had literally nothing to complain about! I missed home a little but when my friends from Mexico joined me, everything started getting better.

When people ask me whether I ever regretted the decision that I made, my answer is always the same. No! Never! I’m happy here! Maybe the day will come when I start to get bored again but somehow I seriously doubt it! However if the time comes to move… Then move I shall! It’s a big world out there and yet somehow it doesn’t frighten me!

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