Super Bowl 2016 Celebrating It’s Golden Anniversary!

All football enthusiasts around the world are gearing up today as the much awaited Super Bowl 2016 is coming this weekend in Sta. Clara, California. Are your horns and whistles, ready? My family has been a fan of American football since my grandpa is a football wannabe himself. Before we indulge ourselves in the excitement of the event, let us have a brief discussion about the sports history, a brief story of the venue, the teams and players and probably anything under the sun.

Super Bowl League

What is Super Bowl exactly, history and the like?

Well, most of us really doesn’t know what is this event for, especially if you are not sports minded or you don’t love Football.  I have encountered this question several times, when I am at school, office or even just in the park walking. What is this for? A little drum roll here please!  Super Bowl is an American football game and the champion of this game will be of the National Football League for this year’s season. This year’s game is actually the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, so for football lovers, this is quite a special event because they are celebrating their golden anniversary. Just to give you a little recap back in 2012, commissioner Roger Goodell says that the league for this year were planned to make the 50th super bowl spectacular in Super Bowl’s history. Who doesn’t want to get excited? Few more days to go and everyone is quite stoked to watch the game.

Where is Super Bowl’s venue?

Super Bowl 2016 will be held at Sta. Clara, California. If you are living in the states you are probably familiar with the place. But, for those that are not in the US you might as well want to read this section now. Santa Clara County, California is named after the Spanish mission that was established back in 1777. The city’s population is quite huge compared to other states and this place was named one of the top 10 states that has the most population in the San Francisco Bay area. Sta. Clara is approximately 45 miles southeast of San Francisco and its located right at the center of Silicon Valley.  The state of Sta. Clara has been one of the most lived states in the US, so if you are a football fan you’ll probably want to buy a home in this place now!

The Teams

This is finally the right time, the most recognized seeds by both equally conventions can fulfill in the Super Bowl.
The Carolina Panthers grew to become one among simply five groups to own accomplished a consistent time having merely one loss,  And something of simply six groups to own bought some sort in 15–1 history,  While Denver, Colorado Broncos grew to become one among 4 groups to own manufactured eight shows in the Super Bowl.

The game will be televised and watched for almost all people in the world. It is one of the famous sports we have in the world, and everyone is saving for this time.  I myself love to watch this game, even in the comfy of my couch at home, so who’s your bet in this year’s Super Bowl?

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