Samba! De Janeiro! How to get a Permanent residence in Brazil.

A foreigner may apply for Brazilian citizenship if he or she has resided there continuously for 15 years. This period can, however, be significantly reduced. If the individual holds a permanent residence for Brazil, is employed or has sufficient funds to support himself, and is well versed with the Portuguese language, the time can be reduced to four years. Another way of getting residence involves having a child in Brazil. Below is a look at how someone can gain permanent residence regardless of their nationality or past, by having a child in Brazil.


Having a child in Brazil means instant citizenship for the child as well as permanent visas for the parents. However, the truth is that getting the right kind of visa can be an uphill task due the tough immigrations laws and dreadful bureaucracy. Hence, this method of obtaining citizenship involves going around the immigration rules. The law states that any person, whether a foreigner or of Brazilian decent, gets citizenship by birth. Since expelling a child’s parents because of their nationality would be a violation of human rights, they would be allowed to stay irrespective of their nationality, criminal background or visa status. Also, it is among the only ways that a person can change his or her visa status while in the country.

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It is advisable to think of the future opportunities a couple can give their child by the child being a Brazilian citizen, given that the country allows for dual citizenship. While the country may be undergoing hard economic times, it still has plenty of opportunities to offer. Also, it has a lot of potential to offer in the long-term. What’s more, in about eighteen years’ time when the child will be an adult, Brazil will be very far in terms of development. A person can gain citizenship by being a parent to a Brazilian child within a period of one year. There may be several restrictions on business ownership, property and even taking part in voting. The good news is that with citizenship, all such restrictions are lifted.


When a female arrives at Brazil in order to give birth, one thing that may cross her mind is what if the immigration authorities find out she is pregnant and tell her to go back. There have been numerous horror stories of people travelling to the United States to give birth only for customs officers to catch up with them and send them back home. However, Brazil is not like the United States, and their customs officers are not like those of America. Cases of women being turned away because of being pregnant are very rare.


For women whose pregnancy is still in the early stages, it is advisable to be discrete with clothing so as not to show that fact that one is pregnant. However, this is not to say that they should be worried about being sent back. When a woman gives birth while traveling to Brazil on a tourist visa, she can just change to a permanent visa on a basis of a Brazilian child.

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