Lakeside Adventures

It’s time for a new vacation. A trip to a new place. The thought of traveling to new locations gives me a warm feeling all over. It excites me. The world is so vast and there is so much to see. Though people of all ages travel across the world, I feel the best time to travel is when you are young. You have no commitments and you have no worries. The carefree spirit that youth has brings a different form of enjoyment to the table.


My friend gave me a call recently to discuss our plans for our trip. We always explored the world together. Its fun to have company especially when your vacations take you off the beaten path. Neither of us likes the crowds. We don’t like the noise and the commercial way that tourism is handled. That is the reason why we go out of our way to do something different every time. We choose locations that most people haven’t heard off. In doing this, we soon find ourselves in areas which are yet untouched by commercialism.

Finding the perfect location however is more difficult than it seems. It involves a lot of research and its very rare than you hear of a good location by the word of mouth. That is why it is so baffling that we managed to stumble upon our latest find. We heard a mutual friend talking about Lake Waikaremoana. After we heard his stories we were hooked. Why? The lake covers over 54 square kilometers. It is situated in the Tuhoe county of New Zealand. It forms an ideal spot for those people who love to fish and trek. The thing that really clinched the deal was the fact that it was not very well known.

As usual it did not take very long for us to pack our bags and head towards the lake. I had difficulty just pronouncing the name. After a few tries I gave up. The lake is surrounded by mystical forests. In fact the more we explored the area, the more we were astonished. It reminded me of walking into a child’s story book. I half expected to see goblins and elves running around!

The water is so clear that very often you can even see the bottom of the lake. We took our boat out to the center of the lake to get a little fishing done. It was an eerie feeling to watch the fish nibble on the bait before we felt the line tighten. Our friend had also given us a sound piece of advice. He mentioned that the water was cool enough to chill wine. We tried just that! After immersing the bottle in the lake water for a while, we found that the wine was chilled to perfection.

The next day was spent trekking through the forests. We were accompanied by a guide who explained the topography for us. He even told us a number of the ancient legends that surrounded the place. Life at Lake Waikaremoana is good. It’s peaceful and relaxing…. Just the way I like it!

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