Into The Dense Forest

New Zealand is really a paradise on earth. I have visited some places in the country and every single place has captivated my attention. What makes the country all the more special to me is the way that they have protected their natural habitat. I’m not saying that New Zealand doesn’t have it’s fair share of cities. It does. In fact it has large bustling and active cities. What it also has is lakes, beaches, forests and so much more. Most people will wonder why I’m raving so much about it. What makes New Zealand so different from most of the countries across the world is the fact that these abodes of nature have a really mystical feel to them. It is hard to explain. Anyone who has visited them will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I had been longing to visit the Aorangi Forest for a long while. After a long talk with my friend we agreed to make it our next holiday destination. Packing never took us long. Once we finalized our destination we found ourselves doing the last minute paperwork and planning. I could barely control my excitement. We were finally going to visit one of the most spectacular sites in New Zealand.

A lot lies within the abodes of the forest. A park has been named after the forest and is famous among the locals. We saw the fur seal colony. A number of archaeological sites also held our interest. A guide showed us the historic lighthouse. Both my friend and I are big on history and culture. I love to listen to the legends and lore. He loves to know how things came into being, how they constructed structures and what the natives did. It took a while for our guide to satisfy our curiosity.

The Putangirua Pinnacles were our next stopping point. Marveling about man made buildings is one thing but nothing can come close to the marvels that God creates. The Puntangirua Pinnacles are the most striking land form in New Zealand. In fact, it took us a while to get our breath back. Many movies were shot on this location. One of my all time favorites is the Lord of the Rings. I guess that is one reason why I wanted to visit the area.

We spent our days in our usual leisurely way. We took up hiking along the trails. In fact a number of people trekked the slopes everyday. We made a number of friends and pooled in to get a guide. It was probably one of the best decisions that we made. Our guide was a native of the area and he showed us places that were completely off the beaten track. He showed us places that were perfect for watching wildlife. He showed us the easiest paths and the best views.

Like always, the trip soon drew to an end. It was a whirlwind of activity but it was fun. We went back with a bundle of memories and a number of new friends.

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