Hiking In The Witakere Range

Every traveler looks forward to his next destination. I just wish it was possible for me to visit every corner of the world. Unfortunately I don’t think it is. That however doesn’t stop me from trying. I’ve already checked off most of the famous places. I’ve found them fascinating but a part of me has always craved for more. I’ve always wanted something different. It took me a while to understand what it was that was lacking… Or in my case what made me uncomfortable. For me it has always been the crowds. They stifle me. They make me uneasy. For long I had grown to accept it as it was. Every tourist attraction is bound to attract tourists. That was till I realized that the world was a really big place and there had to be a better way to travel!


A friend of mine met up with me and we had a chat. As we talked I explained how I wanted to travel and yet escape from the crowds. What really surprised me was that he felt the same. So how did he manage to travel without the crowds interfering? The secret he said was in the research. I was intrigued and he promised to let me tag along with him on his next trip. I was skeptical but game.

True to his word my friend told me that he was due to take a trip to the Witakere Ranges of West Auckland. I was excited. I hadn’t really heard of the place but it is common knowledge that New Zealand is extremely beautiful. Before we left I decided to do a little research on the Witakere Ranges. The topography is rugged and the land is made up of a lot of lava flow. Four of the beaches along this coast are famous for surfing. To me this sounded like a dream vacation.

The time for us to travel came along quickly enough. With our bags packed, we made our way towards the ranges in a jeep. It was an amazing experience. Trees on either side provided a vision of beauty. The roads wound around and led us to our destination. My friend was quick to explain the significance of the ranges and how the had become a protected reserve.

It did not take us long to reach our destination. With a week long holiday ahead, we were ready to have a lot of fun. Our guide told us that there were over 250 trails for trekking. They ranged from easy walks to much more challenging hikes. Our first trail was simple and non challenging. It led us right through the forest to the Kitekite falls.

We spent almost every day picking out different trails. A picnic basket kept us high on energy and a cool wine bottle kept us in high spirits. The week passed almost all too quickly. At the end of it I had to admit that these were the kind of holidays that I loved. I had bid adieu to my last tour package. The new generation of travelers beckoned me and I was eager to join!

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