Finding Peace At Porcupine Gorge

I’ve been an avid traveler for a long while now. The more I traveled and visited new places the more I found myself overwhelmed. I’ve visited Paris and Rome, Venice and Amsterdam… I’ve even been to India and gazed at the Taj Mahal. The problem however has never been the sights that I see. I hate the jostling crowds and the touristy feel that most of these places have. I wanted to get away from it all. This time I made sure that I did just that.

It took me a while but I soon found a number of beautiful places all around the world that are worth visiting. Many of these places are seldom visited by tourists. For me it was just what the doctor ordered. I finalized my choice even though it wasn’t easy to choose from all the wonderful locations that I had found. Which place caught my fancy? The Porcupine Gorge in Queensland. For those of you who do not know where Queensland is… Queensland is a state in Australia.


Traveling is best done when you are young. The kind of traveling that I love requires a little physical endurance. With my bags packed and my flights ready, I joined a friend in Australia. He had arrived a day earlier and had got all our camping gear together. Our plan was simple. We wanted to get away from the noise and the best way to do it was to camp out and be one with nature. My experience in camping was close to none. My friend on the other hand was a pro. We lugged our gear down the path that led to the Porcupine Gorge and found a place to settle in.

With our tent set up and all our gear put away, we set out to explore the place. The camping grounds were well set up with toilets and bathing facilities. The walk towards the gorge was pleasant. A bituminous path wound its way down the gorge. Crystal clear water greeted us as we stepped off the beaten track. The water was chilled and refreshing. It took a while to get used to it but once we got acclimatized jumping in was no problem at all!

Our three days at Porcupine gorge passed quickly. We needed to be self sufficient but there was something extremely satisfying about being able to deal with the hardships that Mother nature throws your way. One of the best things that camping gave us was the alarm clocks in the morning. There is no better way of being roused from your sleep than by the sweet melody that the birds provide. You open your eyes only to be greeted by magnificent views all around you.

The Porcupine gorge was my first experience of traveling off the beaten track. The quiet and solitude helped me connect with myself and provided me with the inner peace that I had been searching for. It goes without a doubt that my friend felt the same way. In fact we have already started planning our future trips.

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