Escape from a boring life: Work in Australia

I had traveled a lot for pleasure. Work however was just another thing. I envied my friends who stepped outside their country borders and used work as an excuse. I mean, can you imagine how cool it would be to travel on the company budget? You can literally travel to the most exotic places and know that your travel expenditure and accommodation is taken care off. In some cases, your food is covered by the company too!

Like me, I’m sure you know a lot of people who get to live the dream life. If you aren’t one of them then I’m sure that just like me, you find yourself seething with jealousy when you hear them talking about it! That is why I got all excited when the company that I applied at announced that I was going to be one of three candidates who were selected for the post in Australia. I mean… Can you imagine it? I had a chance to pack my bags and shift to Australia for three years. I was so rapturous! I’ve never really realized just how great the internet is. After all I found the job online. After all it was just a piece of cake!

Since it’s just me and my little dog Wally, I did not require to ponder over it all too much. In fact, I was rather spontaneous and gave them my word in under 24 hours. Sometimes I wish I had given more consideration to an idea and sometimes I’m just glad I made the decision. You see…. There is a difference between business trips and actually moving to another country. What I had always admired, were the business trips. Moving to Australia turned out to be a whole different ball game.

Work in Australia

So what’s the difference? Well, when you go to a business trip, you are just going for a short time. The maximum amount of time that you spend traveling, would be around a month. It very rarely extends beyond that. The paper work is essentially easy and the visa process is so much faster.

Luckily for me, I haven’t crossed the 30 year old threshold. Why? Simply because if you are in the age group of 18-30 years then getting in through the country’s boundaries is so much easier. Don’t ask me why… It just is like that! In fact there is a number of companies which just help you to do this. Luckily for me, my company had set a contract with an agency. I did not have to worry that much about the paperwork.

Now Wally was a different issue. Australia is very much strict about its pet policies. Getting Wally into Australia was far more difficult than me going there on my own. It was a bit traumatic for him too! I had to put him through a quarantine and the list of requirements was endless. Poor guy was stuck with needles to ensure that he had got all the vaccinations known to man. Eventually though, he got through too!

So the next time someone will tell you that it’s a magical experience, don’t listen to them. Sure… It is a magical experience, but only once you get through the layers of yellow tape and meet all the criteria. Once all that is out of the way then… Well then, it is heavenly!

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