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Become an English teacher in Asia!

Asia has become the most popular destination for English teachers. Why? It is exotic, the accommodation is great and the lifestyle that you can have there is absolutely amazing! If you do a quick search on Google you will soon come

Volunteering in France? Good Idea!

Traveling the world is something I’ve always dreamed off. Everyone says that traveling isn’t easy. Expenses… Logistics… It all adds up! That is precisely why I’ve always been too scared to look for any opportunity. I’ve never even ventured in

Lakeside Adventures

It’s time for a new vacation. A trip to a new place. The thought of traveling to new locations gives me a warm feeling all over. It excites me. The world is so vast and there is so much to

Hiking In The Witakere Range

Every traveler looks forward to his next destination. I just wish it was possible for me to visit every corner of the world. Unfortunately I don’t think it is. That however doesn’t stop me from trying. I’ve already checked off

Study wherever you like to travel to!

They say that your youth is meant for enjoyment. In fact the best enjoyment that a person can have is when they travel the world. The problem that most people face when they are young is the fact that they

Escape from a boring life: Work in Australia

I had traveled a lot for pleasure. Work however was just another thing. I envied my friends who stepped outside their country borders and used work as an excuse. I mean, can you imagine how cool it would be to