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Choosing the Right Shoes to Travel the World!

Hiking boots

When it comes to luxurious problems to have, what shoes to pack into your suitcase as you travel to your next international adventure is one of the best problems to have. Despite this, it is still a problem. As much

Super Bowl 2016 Celebrating It’s Golden Anniversary!

All football enthusiasts around the world are gearing up today as the much awaited Super Bowl 2016 is coming this weekend in Sta. Clara, California. Are your horns and whistles, ready? My family has been a fan of American football

Adventures On The Great Keppel Island

So far I had been quite successful at choosing great locations for vacations. I loved the far away places. I loved the fact that I felt as if I was removed from the hustle and bustle of life. That is

A Drive… A Park… An Adventure

Going off the beaten track is something that all of us dream of doing. In reality very few people actually venture away from the well trodden path. I had always thought and deliberated a lot before making decisions. Parents teach

Into The Dense Forest

New Zealand is really a paradise on earth. I have visited some places in the country and every single place has captivated my attention. What makes the country all the more special to me is the way that they have

Photography With The Devil’s Marbles

After my first camping trip to Porcupine Gorge, I soon realized that I was approaching the whole traveling thing in a totally wrong way. There are different kinds of travelers. The most common kind of travelers that you can find

Finding Peace At Porcupine Gorge

I’ve been an avid traveler for a long while now. The more I traveled and visited new places the more I found myself overwhelmed. I’ve visited Paris and Rome, Venice and Amsterdam… I’ve even been to India and gazed at

Working in Chile: Exceptional experience.

The coast of South America offers a number of opportunities to work. Chile is just one example. Chile is often described as a ribbon that extends down the coast. This is the reason why it has a varied climate. The

Get an experience working abroad in different places!

The thought of leaving the safe confines of our home is always scary. To those who have not ventured out of the boundaries of their country, shifting residence sounds like a humongous task. The very thought seems daunting but it

Samba! De Janeiro! How to get a Permanent residence in Brazil.

A foreigner may apply for Brazilian citizenship if he or she has resided there continuously for 15 years. This period can, however, be significantly reduced. If the individual holds a permanent residence for Brazil, is employed or has sufficient funds