Become an English teacher in Asia!

Asia has become the most popular destination for English teachers. Why? It is exotic, the accommodation is great and the lifestyle that you can have there is absolutely amazing! If you do a quick search on Google you will soon come to the conclusion that almost all countries in Asia have job opportunities for English teachers. Why? Simply because the native population is trying harder and harder to keep up with pace of the European nations. To do this they need to be fluent in English. English however is not their strongest point. That is how a number of job opportunities arise for people like us!

The demand for English teachers is great. There are a few countries that top the list as popular destinations. Vietnam, Korea and Japan are just a three of the most popular choices. The countries are popular for various reasons. Some offer free accommodation and flight tickets. Other’s have really good salaries. Some countries are really good if you are looking at building up your experience. They also look extremely good on your CV. Some countries may not have the greatest perks in terms of monetary gain but the country in itself is brilliant!

Take Vietnam for example. The countryside is exquisite and pristine. It is a famous tourist spot. The salary may not be much and it definitely does not offer much competition to countries like Japan, but… The economics is not that great either. This means that our living costs and daily expenditure are far less than what you would spend in other countries. In fact, that is precisely the reason why the salaries aren’t that high.

The pay also depends on various factors. The salary depends on your prior experience. The more the experience you have the higher you will be paid. You will find that this is mostly the case with almost all Asian countries. Each person that works here always has a different perspective. Since the opportunities are varied, each person usually has a different story to tell. It is like picking a chocolate from a box of assorted sweets. You never know what you will like till you try it!

It is also important to make a note that the more popular the city is, the less number of jobs are available. That is the reason why it is prudent to do your research. Understand what is driving you to teach English in Asia. Is it the money? Is it the experience? Is the fact that you like to travel? Be honest with yourself. Once you have your reasons all noted down, the the choice becomes far easier.

Find out if you have the required qualifications to teach in the country. Though most countries are okay with just a Bachelor’s degree, other’s require that you pass additional qualifying exams. A little preparation for these exams never hurt anyone and it would be wise that you set aside a little time to do just that!

Asia is one of the most exotic places in the world. The culture doesn’t just differ from country to country but you will find a wide difference in the cultures within the countries. It’s truly an experience worth having!

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