Adventures On The Great Keppel Island

So far I had been quite successful at choosing great locations for vacations. I loved the far away places. I loved the fact that I felt as if I was removed from the hustle and bustle of life. That is exactly what kind of vacation I liked. So far I had been camping and trekking. In fact only a month or so had passed since my last expedition. I was already itching for the next round of excitement. This time I wanted to do something different. I thought about it a lot and then finally came up with an idea. I wanted to be in a place with the ocean by my side. I wanted to fall asleep as I heard the waves lapping on the shore. I wanted to plunge into the warm water and swim.


To most my requirements would sound reasonable. What made my demands more difficult was the fact that I wanted the beach to be isolated and quiet. Most of the famous beaches in the world are full of people. In fact most beaches don’t even have place for you to walk. The task of finding the ideal spot had now become even more difficult. I discussed it with my friend and partner in crime but we came up with blanks. That was till a few weeks later, when I was browsing through my Facebook page. I came across some photographs of a friend who had visited an island named Great Keppel Island.

A little research told me that the island is one of the eighteen islands along the Capricorn coast of Australia. In fact the Great Keppel island is the largest island in the group. So much so that the group is named the Keppel group. Armed with all this information and the photographs, I asked my friend if he wanted to join. I wasn’t surprised when he said yes. That is how we landed up on our way to a resort on the Great Keppel island.

The island was a sight for sore eyes. The sea extended for miles outward and the water is crystal clear. The sand was white and the beaches were clean. My friend is a big fan of bird watching. The Great Keppel island is well known for it’s friendly birds. In fact there were times when I found the birds a little too friendly for my liking. Once I got up and found a bird perched on my shoulder. If that was not bad enough, I could have sworn that he was trying to eat my hair!

Hiking, trekking, walking and swimming occupied our every waking minute. The sand felt soft under our feet and it was delightful to just stroll down the coast until we reached the Shelving beach. The afternoon however made the sand too hot for comfort but we soon got used to it.

The lack of crowds made the island a very quiet place to visit and rest at. It put us at ease. For me the best part about the holiday was sitting on the beach with a good book and a bottle of wine. Life can never get better than that!

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