Volunteering in France? Good Idea!

Traveling the world is something I’ve always dreamed off. Everyone says that traveling isn’t easy. Expenses… Logistics… It all adds up! That is precisely why I’ve always been too scared to look for any opportunity. I’ve never even ventured in that direction! I’m sure that many people across the world have remained as complacent as I have. Well… That is about to change! I’m going to be sure that I started seizing the moment!

What brought out this change? I know it is true that a leopard never changes it’s stripes but for me things began to change a few weeks back. I bumped into a friend of mine at the mall. I hadn’t seen her for years. In fact, we used to be good friends during our early school days. I’ve tried to remember why we had split apart and I just couldn’t find any reason! I decided to be direct and ask her. It soon turned out to be the wisest decision that I had made a long ago!

Cote'd Azur

She told me that she had volunteered for an exchange program to France and had managed to get through! I looked at her delighted. A student exchange program! Wow! Somehow I could never remember her as one of the most intelligent people in our class. I couldn’t help out wondering how did she make it! She wasn’t that well off either. She came from a middle class family and I’m sure they did not have much money to spare.

Seeing my curious expression, she smiled and enlightened me. The trick to entering a student exchange program is all about being the best at what you do. It is never about being the best in everything! We spend our lives trying to be perfect at everything and we always fail. Atleast most of us do. The problem here is that we do not focus on our strengths and on our likes. That was exactly what my friend did.

Her strengths had always been languages. She was fluent in English and she loved French. After years of practice and numerous exams, the French consulate gave her a chance to shift there. After all she has passed all the exams and they did consider her a native speaker!

Her story is just an example, but it was all that I needed to provide me the motivation that I needed. Ever since I spoke to her that day, I started wondering about the path not taken. I used the Google as my primary tool to scavenge for information. As time passed it slowly began to dawn on me that the International exchange programs were not only for geeks. There was a possibility that I could become one of the elite few.

How? I haven’t figured it our completely. I’m still in the middle of my research. I’m still making a list of all my strengths and I have yet to decide what I want to focus on. The only difference between now and two weeks back is that now I have hope. I can see the world now as a stage, full of opportunities. It won’t be long before I seize an opportunity to be mine.

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